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Background and Ethos



Henfryn is a family affair, with Rob running the farm here since 2003. He has an environmental science and wildlife filmmaking background that has taken him all over the world - and Henfryn is an opportunity to put all the theory and learning into practice. Heís also a jobbing furniture designer, cider maker and the bloke with the drill-driver. Mhairi founded the glamping element of Henfryn in 2014, having previously worked for many years in hospitality, event and account management. She is the queen of soft furnishings, a demon on the sewing machine and what she doesnít know about spreadsheets and bedsheets isnít worth knowing.Together, we are passionate about bringing our complementary skills together to create a unique natural-get-away experience in the wonderful environment of West Wales. We love what we do, and we like to share the love. We are sure that you, as with a multitude of our previous guests, will feel the love too!


We strive to assess the, ethical and environmental impacts of all the activities including glamping and farming that we oversee at Henfryn and seek to reduce these through the sustainable management of the farm and through our purchasing policy. Our credentials as a Greener Camping Club site mean we also strive to include recycling and habitat management as part of the farms infrastructure. There is even a Carbon Offset scheme with trees and hedges planted for every member who visits.


Being an organic farm, pesticides and artificial fertilisers are not used nor are any feeds or seeds containing GM materials. Furthermore, from the locally produced charcoal to the use of recycled wood and timber felled from the farm itself for the construction of many of the structures, sustainability is at the core of what we are trying to achieve. Itís a journey and there is always more we can do, but itís great that our achievements so far were recognised in 2018 when we won Gold in the Sustainable Tourism category of the Carmarthenshire Tourism Awards.


Virtually all our livestock is born and raised here on the farm. Doing so means we can guarantee provenance and quality, while minimising food miles and journeys by road. When the time comes our beasts are prepared by a local butcher, meaning we know which animal every steak sausage or burger produced has come from.

The Meat Question

Cows and sheep have grazed the meadows at Henfryn for hundreds of years. Indeed without cattle there would be no fields or farms here as we know them. But of course just because itís traditional, doesnít mean itís right. This is something we have carefully considered here at Henfryn, to find out more about our views on this click here.

Social Responsibility

We are big believers in growing the local economy, and try to buy locally for as many aspects of the farm business as possible.

Enjoy the Farm

As a working farm we aim to make your stay here as hands on, or off, as you like. Kids can collect the eggs, feed the sheep or even muck out the horses if they want to! Either way, making sure your holiday is an enjoyable, relaxing and sustainable one is our number one priority.

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