Henfryn Farm




Here on the farm we keep a small flock of Llanwenog sheep. These are a local breed originally descended from a cross of local ewes and Shropshire Downs.


The lambs are grass raised to organic standards throughout the spring and early Summer.


We currently sell half lamb boxes


Traditional Breed: Llanwenogs are renowned for being prolific, normally producing twins, they are medium sized and docile, they have particularly fine wool and are very pretty with their distinctive Black faces small ears and white fluffy fringes!


Traditional Husbandry: Entirely grass, silage and hay fed, all produced on the farm from biodiverse pastures managed for wildflowers and wildlife. No cereals and no extra food-miles from imported feeds. Our organic status means we use no pesticides, no artificial fertilizers, no routine medication. The flock live out year round coming into the barn to lamb when weather is particularly bad.


Traditional Hanging & Butchery: The lambs are butchered at the local abattoir after hanging and are packaged into the traditional cuts of Leg, Shoulder, Chops, Breast etc.


Boxs are £65 each and contain half a lamb (approx 9- 10kg)


For details on availability, ordering and delivery please contact us

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lWe will have a few lamb boxes available from March the 11th. £65 for half a lamb all vacuum packed ready for your freezer. Please Contact Us to order