Henfryn Farm



Teifi Crush is a golden, scrumptiously appley cider made in

small batches on our farm in West Wales.


We only use the best apples sourced from our orchards and

local suppliers, selected for the right mix of sweetness,

acidity and tannins necessary for the perfect pint.


The apples are hand harvested , sorted cleaned and stored

until they are perfectly ripe. They are then pulped (“scratted”

in the trade) using a wonderful old brute of a machine that

has been crushing apples for well over one hundred years.


The pulp is then stored in vats for a day to allow all the

goodness and flavour to seep into the juice and then the pulp

is pressed the old fashioned way using a hand-operated oak

rack press.


Juice is pumped into the vats, where nothing is added.

Natural slow and flavoursome yeasts get to work through the

cold winter days until, their work completed, the cider is ready

to drink in spring.


This is true craft cider, made by hand with skill and care. It’s

not rough farm scrumpy and it’s not apple flavoured alco-pop.

We think it’s how cider should be – how it used to be.


List of stockists coming soon!


Henfryn is the home of Teifi Crush Cider

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