Classic Citroen 2CV Hire

"Son Of Herman" - our classic 2CV - all set for you to hire to explore the lanes and byways of this beautiful area - in inimitable style.

With the roof rolled back and the side windows flipped up, Son of Herman is ready to waft you along the lesser known routes of the Teifi valley, floating on super soft suspension, propelled by a free-revving and economical flat twin engine.

Driving ceases to be merely about getting from A to B. It becomes an experience in itself. You become literally immersed in the Welsh countryside. Sunshine, fresh air and passing insects drift in through the open roof. As you hum through a village, small children shout and wave, older folk stop and smile. You pause for a picnic by the wayside and in minutes you take the back seat out to provide you with a comfortable bench and unpack your hamper of goodies*. Later, as you continue on your journey, a passing shower is quickly thwarted by an ingenious fabric roof that rolls out as quickly as it rolls up. And finally, as the shadows lengthen in the leafy lanes, you thread your way back through the patchwork of fields to the farm. You finish your day feeling that, for perhaps the first time in a while, you have not only been somewhere, but you have travelled somewhere....

Son of Herman is fun to drive, with a four speed gearbox, four comfy seats (with seat belts all round), room in the boot for a the all-important picnic and reasonable fuel consumption. The gear stick pokes out of the dashboard, but, hey, this is a french car - Vive la Differance!

Some history? The 2CV is a reminder of an age where car design wasn't a task for a committee.

Instead it was pretty much one man's ingenious solution to an extraordinary design brief that was to enable two peasants to drive 100 kg (220 lb) of potatoes to market at 60 km/h (37 mph), in clogs and across muddy unpaved roads if necessary. The car would use no more than 3 litres of gasoline to travel 100 km. It would be able to drive across a ploughed field without breaking eggs in a basket on the back seat. And there would be sufficient headroom to to wear your Sunday hat to church. And the car you see today will do all of those things with aplomb (although we ask you to keep away from the ploughed fields). It is an undisputed design classic and I'd goes as far as saying that if West Walians made cars, they'd have made something like the Citroen 2CV. It might as well have been designed specifically for exploring this neck of the woods.

Why "Son of Herman"? Well, Herman was another blue 2CV – Rob’s first car, in which he travelled the length and breadth of the UK before settling in West Wales.

Herman and he had the best times - he even became a national TV celebrity, courtesy of his appearing every week in the titles of the BBC Antiques Roadshow

Sadly Herman became rather poorly in his old age and was moved on to a new owner where he has thankfully undergone a facelift and is now rejuvenated. Suffice it to say life was dull without one of these brilliant, ingenious and downright entertaining cars, so Son of Herman was acquired from Truro to join us in West Wales, where he has resided ever since. He now earns his keep showing visitors around. And yes we know Herman was on a C plate and Son of Herman is a B plate so technically he should be Dad of Herman, but, well, that just sounds daft.

If you like to book a day (or more) in the company of Son of Herman, contact us for availability. Daily hire rates are £160, which includes insurance and breakdown cover. Deals available for longer hire periods. Driver must be 25 years of age or older and have held a full UK driver's licence for at least 3 years.

*Local Hamper of goodies also available by arrangement.

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