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- 15-Jun-2018 -

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Well what a summer we are having! This warm dry weather is truly amazing, and looks set to continue.

I have never seen the farm so dry. The grass in the yard is brown and crispy, the chickens have created dust bowls everywhere and seem very happy sun bathing. The sheep and cows are not so keen on the heat, still they have plenty of shade and grass. Luckily for us we have enough grass to go around and are not in the situation, unlike many farms nationwide, of having to feed hay already to make up for the shortfall in grass. The river is so low at the minute you can easily walk to the other side.In fact the crossing is so easy that the sheep on the neighbouring bank are venturing across to get to our grass………the grass really is greener in this case.

The dry spell has enabled me to get on and finish painting the outside of the Commander’s Caravan. It is looking great, covering up the old army camo with is new soft sage-y green colour has made a dramatic difference, and it is now very close to being ready to tow into position in the field.

It has not been all work though. We did take a break on Saturday and take a trip to the beach. We normally find ourselves at Llangrannog or Poppit Sands, but this time we decided to venture to New Quay, a much more commercial and bustling option.We had a lovely time, and I have to say that we have a new appreciation of the beach there as a super child friendly place. Being behind the harbour wall, the water is super calm, and shallow sloping making it ideal for small people to paddle or swim. There are also the boats to look at, dolphins to spot and plenty of options for ice cream, which is pretty much a beach trip essential. If you are making a day of it there are also plenty of eating options. We went for pizza overlooking the bay before heading back home.

With the summer holidays just round the corner, let’s hope this lovely weather continues, although maybe just a little rain would be good for the grass!


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