A Windy Day in Aberystwyth

- 20-Mar-2019 -

Cabin fever struck us again, and despite the wet and windy weather we have been having we decided it was time to venture out on an adventure, somewhere new and something exciting for nearly 5 year old boys and not to taxing for tired parents!

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In the end the decision was to take a trip up to Aberystwyth. It’s a 45-50 minute drive north from us, but there are lots of lovely views to be had as you drive up the coast road and through the pretty seaside down of Aberareon. The wind was still giving it some, and a pretty wild and dark sea was evident all the way up the coast.

Our end goal was the Consti Café on Constitution Hill, to be reached via the Cliff Railway (that’s the bit aimed at the small boy!) We parked up and walked along the sea front promenade towards our destination. The area was a draw for Victorian tourism and many beautiful old hotels line the promenade. Many are still hotels, pubs or restaurants, but being a university town many are converted to student digs. What a view for a student flat is all I can say!

Being that close to the seafront does have its drawbacks. It’s a wild and windy spot, the first pier built there in 1865 was destroyed within one year, and a replacement not completed for 30 years. At its peak, it stretched 242 meters out into the sea, but alas now if reduced to a mere 90 or so. The promenade featured in the news in 2014 when it had to be evacuated due to extreme storms and flooding, there was alot of damage and quite an expense has been incurred rebuilding it and replacing one of the Victorian shelters that looks out to sea.

Constitution Hill is at the far end of the promenade, and if you are not up for the big climb (we thought we might actually be blown off the cliff if we tried it) you can take the Cliff Railway. This funicular railway was opened in 1896 for the amusement of the tourist of the time, and to give them a helping hand to the top of the hill. It proceeds up the very steep slope at a sedate pace but reveals a great view of the town as it goes, and big smiles from our little train enthusiast.

Once at the top you find the Consti Café, now it really is a café with a view and big windows so you can sit and admire it while you have your breakfast, coffee or lunch. There is also lots of covered and open (dog friendly) seating outside, not what you need in March, but I imagine it is buzzing in the summer. So lunch was had, service was good, staff were lovely.The only down side was just as we left the heavens opened and a hail/ sleet downpour soaked us, resulting in a rush back to the car and having to bypass the exciting playpark we had seen earlier.All in all a good day out with some classic Welsh winter weather.

You can find out more about Aberystwyth here, along with other attractions close by. It is a little drive from us so I would suggest making a day of it, maybe taking in the Devils Bridge or Cors Caron while you are in that neck of the woods.



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