Henfryn Farm



All out beef cattle are born and raised on the farm, only leaving on their final trip to the abottoir, we accompany the animal on this final journey to ensure welfare until the end and complete traceability of the resulting Beef.


After hanging for 21 days the beef is perpared and packed by a local butcher ready for distribution.


We currently sell 10kg mixed boxes that contain a bit of everything! 


Traditional Breed: Hereford-cross suckler cows, served by pedigree Hereford Bulls. Slower maturing animals for extra flavour, and beef with that famed Hereford fat marbled through the cuts for maximum flavour and succulence when cooked.


Traditional Husbandry: Entirely grass, silage and hay fed, all produced on the farm from biodiverse pastures managed for wildflowers and wildlife. No cereals and no extra food-miles from imported feeds. Our organic status means we use no pesticides, no artificial fertilizers, no routine medication and our animals are comfortably bedded on straw over the winter.


Traditional Hanging & Butchery: Dry hung, so you buy flavour not water. Hung for the optimum length of time to maximise taste & tenderness. Butchered to provide a range of traditional cuts including farmhouse favorites such as shin & brisket as well as the better known steaks & roasts.


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Organic 10kg Beef Box

Sirloin Steaks

What's in a Box?

A box of 10kg typically contains the following

3 Roasting Joints

4 packs Mince

4 packs Casserole/ Stewing Steak

Selection of Steaks, made up of Sirloin, Rump or Fillet

Selction of Neck and Shin


A 10 kg box cost £100, working out cheaper than the supermarkets


We have summer BBQ Boxes available now containing Beef Burgers, Beef Sausages and Lamb and Mint Burgers, all Gluten Free please contact us for details